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Are you tired of wishing you had more free time?

It’s time for simple.

I’ll show you how to use simple as a tool to go from stretched-too-thin, in desperate need of a break to a woman who is in control of her own time and feels satisfied at the end of the day.

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Let’s start by creating more space in your day.


Download this free PDF guide and learn 7 steps to use simple to create more time in your dayincluding:

  • How to pinpoint and get rid of your biggest time suckers.
  • The secrets to simplicity that make this super easy (and it’s not decluttering).
  • How to actually get the free time to spend as you wish.

Putting off the important things until you have time for them?

It’s the perfect way to make sure they never happen. Because, as you may have noticed, there’s always something for you to do.

Unending email. Being your kids’ Uber driver. Running errands. Cleaning. Cooking. Every day.

But what about the stuff that really matters?




It’s time for simple.

To be more precise, it’s time to simplify life so you have more time for what really matters.

Did you know that it’s possible to spend quality time with your loved ones, practice self-care, feel gorgeous, and get shit done in your business every day? And still have a clean house?

True story.

If you’re freaking out about how you would ever have time to do all that, relax. This doesn’t require you to do anything more than you’re already doing.

It means less.

That’s the beauty of simple.

You can have time for everything that matters.

I believe you can have plenty of free time for the important things …


Without sacrificing productivity, self-care or time with your family.

Hi, I’m Nina and here you’ll learn that the secret to having time for what matters isn’t in doing more – it’s in doing less.

Join me as I share the tips and action steps that will help you simplify your schedule (and your stuff) so you have more free time for the important things in life.